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Rhinestone Glitter Decal Stickers

Warning . . . You may experience glittery happiness!

This colorful bedazzled heart—representing the universal symbol of love—is the ultimate decorative embellishment.

In addition to the dazzling crystal rhinestones, high quality glitter is added to enhance the sparkle effect and create an amazing ‘Wow!’ factor.  Like jewelry and gems these decals shine best in sunlight where you can really see the shimmer.

APPLICATIONS: You’ll be able to decorate all your things with bling, like your auto interior/exterior, window, bumper, motorcycle, trucks, SUV, helmet, wall, laptop, tablets, phone, home furnishings, scrapbook, notebook, mirror, window, and a variety of surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, paper, wood and much more. This is great because you can easily add more sparkle, shimmer, and shine to all kinds of things in your life.

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tire valve capsUnique tire valve cap replacements

Whether you drive a CAR, TRUCK, SUVs, ATV, MOTORCYCLE, TRIKE or BIKE these decorative air valve caps offer a stylish replacement to your plain, boring tire valve stem caps.

Each of our metal tire valve stem caps provides a universal fit (Schrader Valves) and is made of durable high quality materials.

When replacing a cap, it is recommended to press the valve core momentarily, allowing it to release a little of the compressed air inside the tire to blow any debris out of the valve. To avoid damaging the threads on the valve don’t over tighten while installing the replacement cap.

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carbon fiber bling tire valve caps

Carbon Fiber Bling Valve Caps

Sleekly designed with 100% carbon fiber, chrome finish and sparkling crystal rhinestone, this 4-piece set of high-quality tire valve replacement caps give class and style to your ride.

  • STYLISH REPLACEMENT – Replace those boring cheap plastic caps and DECORATE YOUR TIRE RIMS with these sleek and shiny chrome carbon fiber rhinestone valve stem covers. This unique aftermarket accessory is ELEGANT and STYLISH and will certainly upgrade your ride.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – Made of rustproof, chrome plated copper each of these sturdy tire valve stem caps is fitted with a rubber O-RING to ensure an AIRTIGHT SEAL and PROPER FIT. Wrapped with 100% CARBON FIBER these valve stem air cap covers meet environmental standards and pass PAHs testing.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Sparkle Rider’s decorative chrome carbon fiber tire valve caps fit standard SCHRADER VALVES found on virtually all CARS, TRUCKS, SUVs, ATVs, TRIKES, MOTORCYCLES, and most wider rimmed BICYCLES. Cap length measures 1.7cm.


Rhinestone Bling Tire Valve Caps

Add some sparkle to your ride with these super cute, bling tire valve caps. Designed with a dazzling crystal rhinestone on top of a shiny silver colored hexagon-shaped metal cap, this 12-piece set of rustproof, chrome-plated copper tire valve caps lets your ride in style.

EASY TO INSTALL – The hexagon shape of these tire valve cover caps provides an EASY GRIP for installing and removing when you need to check your tire’s air pressure. Misplace a cap? No worries. These are sold as a 12-PCS SET to solve the problem of tire valve caps that MYSTERIOUSLY GO ‘MISSING’ like socks in a drawer. Now you will always have EXTRAS handy.