“I started this brand because of a single rookie mistake.”

After years of blogging about women riders who bling their bikes, founder Lisa Catarineau discovered that she wasn’t the only one in the riding community who was frustrated at the lack of stylish gear and accessories available.

The gift that brings good luck

In lady motorcycling clubs and circles, there’s a common thread that you’ll notice: Giving.

Giving back to the community, sharing riding tips and learning experiences, and the traditional motorcycle bell gift giving.

Legend has it that bells, when given as gifts, double their power in fending off evil road spirits and gremlins that cause mischief with your bike.

Aware of this biker tradition, my sister-in-law bought me a beautiful bell when I got a new bike. She said that I needed it for my protection.

I placed it low on my bike as was recommended, never to see the sun again…

Years later, I sold the bike. And then, something hit me.

The bell — my sister’s gift — was gone.

It haunted me. It was a big rookie mistake. And, it would be awkward to call up the new owner and ask for the bell back.

(My sister-in-law isn’t aware of this yet. If you’re reading this, I love you and I owe you an explanation.)

I didn’t bother getting the bell, but I learned a painful lesson that will stay with me forever.

The spark inside

After that experience, a wild idea sparked…

What if bells were more visible? Adorned with precious stones instead of the traditional designs?

Not boobies or skeletons flipping the bird. (Nothing against them, really.)

You know, something you could rock as a lady biker without losing “bad-assery?”

Designs that sparkle, with a dash of personality, and sprinkled with glittery stuff that girls like…

…Yet something that would drive gremlins crazy and fetch oodles of compliment from fellow riders?

Glad you’re here! I’m Lisa, a graphic designer and biker bling enthusiast.

I started this brand because I found that most motorcycling accessories were male-oriented.

I wanted to fix that, and here, my journey begins.

Envisioning the bell

I have a fellow biker friend who is into DIY stuff. She loves to “bling out” her bike.

As I browsed through all the bells (no whistles, mind you) on her ride, one gleaming beauty stood out. A plain bell but covered and glued with precious stones.

I wanted to have that exact bell, but she told me she’s not planning on selling those.

So I tried shopping around motorcycle shops but only found the usual slew of designs.

It got so frustrating I decided to make my own!

My bell is made of zinc alloy, making it durable and road-worthy. And every inch is filled with shiny crystals that dance with the light. All hand placed with love and care.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one in the community frustrated with the lack of feminine moto gear and accessories.

Ladies are loving the bell! You can see their feedback here.

“Rev your engine. Hear it ring. Blind them with your bling.”

And that’s how Sparkle Rider came to life.

Moving forward

Since then I’ve added more products for women riders to accessorize their bikes.

The newest addition to the Sparkle Rider family is a beautiful bell hanger, a perfect complement to biker bells of any brand or shape. It features visually striking designs while locking your bells safely and stopping them from getting lost on the road.

Always remember, “Friends don’t let friends hang bells with leather straps or faulty zip ties.”

And every single product in Sparkle Rider carries our brand philosophy, which is:

“To create durable, women-focused motorcycling accessories that are as tough and beautiful as you.”

Nothing’s stopping you now

And the fun doesn’t stop there. We have rhinestone-clad decals to add more zing and personality to your ride. Stick it on your helmet, windshield, or your favorite journal.

They’re weather-proof, automobile-grade, and sparkly; making it a unique, perfect gift.

Welcome to Sparkle Rider, where you’ll find tough-yet-beautiful accessories that add a bedazzling spark and personality to your ride.

Tough, beautiful, free as the wind — just like you.

If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your motorcycle accessories, contact us and we’ll make it right! We’re always here to help our rider sisterhood out.


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